What can you bet on in roulette?


Regardless of whether you choose the European or American roulette variant, you will certainly not complain about the lack of available bets. There are people who play either black or red. Here, the possible win is 1: 1 – you can win exactly the same amount of money as you bet at the very beginning. For example, if you played for https://ruleta77argentina.com/simulador-de-ruleta, in the case of a hit, you will win just the same amount of cash. The same is true for even / odd options as well as small numbers (1 to 18) / large numbers (19 to 36).

The players who opted for the best online casino, and such a table game, they can also place bets from a single number to a sequence of numbers. The lowest probability of winning at online roulette, and therefore the highest possible payout, is for a single number.

How to play roulette to win?

A lot of people wonder what to do in order not to rely solely on luck. Roulette, regardless of the variant, is a table game where luck really matters. Nevertheless, it cannot be inadequate to this issue alone. Especially since there are players who keep coming up with new ways to only increase their probability in competing with online casinos.

Among other things, you can decide to play with roulette progression. The idea here use to be starting by selecting achoicecontaining of a maximum of two conceivable variants (such as black / red, etc.). Then it is worth betting on black. You have to do this until you win. This method allows you to recover money that you lost at earlier stages and, additionally, to be on a slight advantage – it will always be the initial stake.